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Monitoring and control software for your solar, energy storage, and smart grid portfolios

Cachelan brings over a decade of experience providing monitoring and digitization services to thousands of solar and energy storage projects. We provide tools to maximize returns on your assets: be notified of site issues in real time, minimize site visits by accurately diagnosing with our SurePoint analyzer tool, track payments and view site performance.

Getting a Quote

SolarVuĀ® is normally specified as a balance of system component that is purchased and installed by the project developer as part of a complete solar PV system. It can however be purchased directly for existing systems either by an installer or site owner. Although a SolarVuĀ® energy portal is based on standard templates, each system has different equipment and internet connection requirements. Consequently, a final quotation starts with completing a configuration form to determine the necessary site hardware, desired customer options and screen layouts.

How it works & How to buy

Cachelan works with installers, project developers, EPCs (engineering, procurement, construction) and directly with owners depending on the size and phase of construction. Contact us if you do not see your specific needs addressed in the examples and features shown.

A gateway installed at each site communicates with the equipment to send data to the Cachelan servers where it is stored and processed. Owner access is from a browser on a PC or mobile device with alerts like fault warnings sent by email. Data is stored for the lifetime of the system for performance analysis and data download. Manuals and design documents can be retrieved online within the portal to expedite O&M.