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Quick Uploading Guide > What is a Zip File?

Uploading a few images into the Gallery is a simple and very fast process. However to upload more than 10 images at once can take time because each image needs to be selected individually and the limit per upload is 10. To avoid this situation you can use a program called WinZip which will create a single file that can be uploaded to your Cachelan gallery in a single click. A Zip file is an archive file type meaning that it is a collection of files made into one. In this tutorial you will learn how to combine all your picture files into a large Zip file. When you upload this Zip file to Cachelan, because you only have one "browse" button to deal with, all your photos will be loaded in one transfer. Cachelan will then take this ZipFile and pull out (unzip) all the images stored inside and put these images in the Gallery. To find out how to make a Zip file and upload your images quickly click the "Next" button and take the tutorial.

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