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Before you create your album lets take a quick overview of the steps involved. First you must take pictures with any image capturing device (camera, camera phone etc.). Than you must transfer this image or photo onto your computer. Next you have to upload your images and any files that you want to add into your cachelan web account. To do this you must go to the Gallery and use the "Browse" buttons to select images and files for uploading. After you upload your images and files you then must create album(s) for your visitors to view. To do this go to the Album screen by clicking the grey "Album" button and use the arrows to put images into the albums (don't forget to save). Once you have created your album(s) you can invite visitors through email invitations, web links, or by logging onto the Cachelan website and typing the name of your album. Then your visitors will view the album and you can receive feedback and track the number of visits to the album.

To review any of these steps in more detail go back over their repective pages viewed previously.
If you are having trouble click the orange "?" buttons on each page. These will give you a description of what everything means and how to use it.

What do I do now?

  • If you have taken the pictures with your camera and transferred them onto your computer click the "Gallery" button at the top of your screen to begin uploading.
  • If you already have images in your gallery and need to make an album click the "Album" button at the top of your screen to get started.

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