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Monitor visits to the album

Once you have made an album available you can you can determine visitor activity such as number of album views, what pictures are being downloaded and when was the most recent visit. Login to Cachelan WebFilm with your webcard PIN. Click the "Status" tab, check visitor access to the album shown by the counters. Click on Gallery to see how many times each picture is being looked at. Counters can be reset to start a new monitoring period. Click on grey "Album" button to see visit counts for each separate album in your WebFilm.

After you have clicked on the "Album" button a screen like the one on the right will be shown. Here you can check how many times this album has been viewed. You can also see when it was last viewed. If you want to reset any of the recorded information just click the "Reset Counters" button for that album.

The last thing you may want to view is the amount of times a single image has been viewed or downloaded. To do this go back to the gallery and look beside each image. A number will tell you how many times that image has been viewed individually and how many times it has been downloaded.

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