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Edit Gallery Images and Files

After your images and files have uploaded you can edit them in the gallery. Using the check boxes beside each image and the toolbar below you can customize the look of your image. If you check off the box beside the image you would like to edit you can Delete, Move, Copy, Zip or Rotate it. Moving the images and files will have no effect on their position in the album and should only be done if you would like to group your files and images so they are easier to look through. If you click the "Reset Counters" button then the Downloads and Views counter for each image will return to zero.

To edit the image or file click on the edit button for that particular image. A different window will come up allowing you to give your image a title and caption. This title and caption will show up in your album if you enable it. Make sure you press the "Save" button when you finish any edits on this screen.

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