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Edit an Album

Once an album has been created and sent to visitors, you can make changes. Add or delete pictures, edit captions, rearrange order or change startup settings.

Add Pictures and Files
Before an image or file can be included in an album it must first be loaded in the Gallery. Follow the steps for Uploading to the Gallery to add a new image or file. Once an image or file is in the Gallery, click the Album button to view all the albums currently in the WebFilm. Click the Edit button for the album you wish to change. Below the settings tabs will appear a tab with all the images and files currently in the album and below that another tab with the remaining images and files in the Gallery that are not in this album. Click the UP arrow next to each image or file you wish to add. It will be placed at the end of the album unless you first select a different number in the "After" pulldown box between the two groups of images. Be sure to click the SAVE button or your changes will be lost.

email Pictures to Album
Shoot&Share is a feature for emailing images directly to the Gallery and into an existing album. To use it create and send an email to with the photos to be added as attachments. For example, to add 3 pictures to an existing album called MyTrip using a webcard with PIN 1234 9876 0001 create an email with an email address of and include each photo as an attachment. No subject is required. Then send the email. When you next view the album (after a delay up to an hour due to your email server and internet latency), your album should include the new images.

Rearrange Images and File
To change the order of pictures and files in the album click the down arrow next to a picture or file to remove it, select the location where it should go in the "After" box then the UP arrow next to the picture to reinsert it. For extensive changes, empty the album with the "Remove All" arrow then individually add pictures and files in the correct order using the UP arrow beside each picture.

Edit Captions
To change the text for any picture or file, click the file name that is just under the picture or file. Enter a header and caption for each image or file. After saving, all albums that contain that picture or filewill show the changes.

To add images to an album, first upload them to the Gallery then select and add them to the album.

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