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Create a new album and name it

Now that you have uploaded your pictures and files to the Gallery you are able to create an album. At the top of the screen click the grey "Album" button. If you have no existing albums you will see the screen below. Click the "Create Album" (1) button. If you have created previous albums scroll down until you find the "Create Album" button. The "Album-Edit" screen will open. In the Description tab pick a unique name for your album. This is the name your visitors will use to access your album. Fill in this name beside the box "Album Name" (2). If you wish you can also create a password for your album (3) for privacy. Also, fill in an album header (4) and a caption (5). This message will appear when the visitor enters your album. Press the "Save" key (6) to save these settings.

**Tip: Once you have created an album you are still able to create additional ones from the same WebFilm account. You are not limited to only one album.

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